Catherine Wharin

A little about Catherine:

Catherine graduated from the University of Western; she grew up in Northern Ontario but now resides in Oakville with her husband and four children. She comes from a long line of artists and has studied with Sheridan College, Fleming College, Halliburton School of Art, the Oakville Art Society, the McMichael Canadian Collection and the Arizona School of Art.

Her work has been exhibited in The Red Canoe Gallery in Port Carling, Rousseau, Art Space Gallery, Oakville Town Hall, QE Park, and the Burlington Golf and Country Club. Most of her work is commissioned and is displayed in private homes and offices across Canada.

Cathy has spent her summers in Muskoka and draws most of her inspiration from her family and cottage life. As an abstractive, figurative and landscape painter she tries to evoke energy and emotion in her work. Each painting is under painted in a vivid colour that is left peeking through, providing contrast in the final product. Her bold brush strokes and sense of colour give the viewer a positive feeling that draws them into the moment in the painting. The figure paintings are narrative compositions with reference to ordinary activities. The figures are vague so that the viewer can connect and imagine himself or herself in the magic of the moment. 

At the Beach

9  x 12 Mixed Media

The Nest

9 x 12 Mixed Media

Sunday Morning

10 x 24,  Acrylic on canvas

Spring in Provence

24 x 20,  Acrylic on canvas


8 x 8,  Oil on canvas


8 x 8,  Oil on canvas

Pond Hockey     SOLD

10 x 12,  Acrylic

Running Free

40 x 20,  Acrylic on canvas

Oakville Coyote

20 x 30,  Acrylic on canvas 

Who Me?

8 x 8,  Oil on canvas

What's Up

8 x 8,  Oil on canvas


8 x 8,  Oil on canvas

The River

8 x 8,  Oil on canvas

Muskoka Pine

16 x 20,  Oil in cold wax

Lone Pine

8 x 8,  Oil on canvas

Fractured Sunlight

24x24 Acrylic

Muskoka Sunset

20x16  Acrylic

Pretty in Purple

12x16 Oil

Forest Windows

20x24 Acrylic on Canvas

Take Off

8 x 8,  Oil on canvas