2018 Lori Bagneres

February 27, 28, 2018, 

Waterside Art Group

 hosted a workshop by Vancouver artist LORI BAGNERES.  

This workshop combined photographic

 and acrylic encaustic techniques, to produce edgy and haunting artwork.  Thank you to Carla McGillivray for organising!

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Lori Bagneres

The New Millennials

Lori , a visual artist born in Ontario, and living in British Columbia, Canada, graduated from L’école Nationale des Beaux Arts de Grenoble in France receiving her Diplôme National Superieur D’éxpression Plastique (MFA in Contemporary Art).

Lori currently pursues multiple creative interests as a mixed media artist and as an art educator in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

...and she introduced the brayer to us!  Vive la brayer!!


Here's a sampling of some of our work