Irene Afanasiev

irene afanasiev

A little about Irene:

As long as I can remember, I have pursued many creative avenues from designing batiks to stained glass, flower arranging, gardening, needlepoint and most recently….quilting. My artistic curiosity has also led me to expressing my thoughts, emotions and love through painting on canvas. I continue to seek opportunities to learn and collaborate. I am so fortunate to be in the company of such amazing women at the Waterside Art Group.

Member since 2011

Beginnings One            Private Collection

30 x 24,   Acrylic on canvas

Beginnings Two            Private Collection

 24 x 48,   Acrylic on canvas

Pink Tulip                SOLD

 30 x 30,   Oil on canvas

Anne's Peony            SOLD

20 x 24,   Oil on canvas

Sunshine Coast Sunset

 12 x 16,   Acrylic on canvas

 Walking Home from the Lake

 16 x 20,   Acrylic on canvas

Whiskey and Soda’s Meadow        Private Collection

30 x 40,   Oil on canvas

Approaching Storm     Private Collection

48 x 30,   Oil on canvas

A Lone Apple

12 x 12,  Acrylic

Lemon Pair

12 x 12,  Acrylic

Peach Pair

12 x 12,  Acrylic

Pear Pair

12 x 12,  Acrylic

Nahani Sunset            SOLD

24 x 36,   Oil on canvas