Bonnie DeBellis

 A Little about Bonnie:

Following a career in Interior Design, Bonnie shifted her creative energy towards a life long desire to paint.

Her love and passion for nature and colour has been the constant inspiration for subject matter in her paintings.  Her landscapes and florals tend to be bold in colour with a touch of whimsy.

Bonnie’s paintings are in residences in Oakville, Burlington, Vancouver, New York and Delray Beach, Florida.

Member since 2014

Feeling Rosy           SOLD

 8 x 8,   Oil on Canvas

Coming Up Roses

8 x 8,  Oil on canvas

Peonies                                  SOLD

16 x 16,  Oil on Canvas

Hector           SOLD

11 x 14,   Oil on Canvas

 Morris the Moose      SOLD

20 x 20 Oil

 Muskoka Island       SOLD

18 x 24, Acrylic

 Tulips in a Pitcher       SOLD

 16 x 20,  Oil on Canvas   

Yellow Tulips       

24 x 24,  Oil on canvas

 White Bowl with Lemon        SOLD

 10 x 12,  Oil on Canvas

 Rambling Ranunculus       SOLD

  10 x 10,  Oil on canvas

Blushing Ranunculus            SOLD    

 8 x 8,  Oil on Canvas

Ravishingly Ranunculus              

 20 x 20,  Oil on Canvas

Magnolia I       

8 x 8,  Oil on canvas

 Magnolia II       SOLD

  8 x 8,  Oil on canvas

 Magnolia III       

 8 x 8,  Oil on canvas

Sweet Peas From my Garden     SOLD    

12 x 12,  Oil on Canvas

 Lorrie's Flowers            SOLD

 10 x 10, Oil on Canvas

 Poppy              SOLD

 6 x 6,  Oil on Canvas

Lakeside Walk

16 x 20,  Water-based oil on canvas

Gairloch Garden View

16 x 20,  Oil on canvas

Springtime Palette

8 x 8 Oil on Board

Garden Party

14x18 Oil on Canvas

Ravishing Ranunculus

20x20 Oil on Canvas