Kimberly Schols

A little about Kimberly:

Following her love of art she has travelled and visited many art galleries and museums in the UK and Europe, and studied painting with John Leonard, Pete Rose, Leslie Cochrane, Peter Reid, Brian Atyeo and Dianna Shyne.   Kimberly loves abstracted landscapes or still lifes, and combinations of beautiful colours.  She believes that paintings can come the closest to capturing the energy and the beauty in nature.

Member since 2015

 Tulips I     

(Oakville Art Society Juried Show selection)

14 x 11,  Acrylic

Slice n Ice  SOLD!

12x12 Oil


8 x 8,  Oil

Orange    SOLD

6 x 6,   Oil

Iris I

16 x 12, Oil

Golden Gaze

40 x 30,  Acrylic

Desert Horse   SOLD!

18X14 Oil 

Sunset Horse 

6X6 Watercolour 

Desert Globe Mallow

8x10 Watercolour

 Birches          Diptych

each painting 11 x 14,  Acrylic

The Look  SOLD!


Maple Leaf Forever

8x8 Oil


36 x 24,  Oil

Canadian Spirit

36 x 48,  Acrylic