Flag Assembly

Seriously, it is a 2 minute process - easy!

  • Parts: 1 flag with bungee cord, 1 spike, 1 curved rod, 3 straight rods
  • Before going to the effort of assembling the flag, make sure you can push the spike into the ground or the snow, so that it stays upright (use the wood to protect hands).
  • When putting the poles together, line them up by thickness (thickest at the bottom, thinnest curved rod at the top. You need to make sure the end of each rod section that has the dimples are at the top. Those dimples are there so that the pole does not slide into each other. The pole assembly is 15’ high and the flag is 12’.
  • Carefully slide the flag on to the pole starting at the curve
  • Place the bottom of the pole into the holder/spike that is in the ground
  • Attach the bungee cord to the clip in the spike
  • When disassembling it, make sure you have all parts!

For a video tutorial, go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBH0MouehjM

There are 2 flags: one basic flag as shown above; and one specifically for the Art Show and Sale