Kathy Mundy

A little about Kathy:

Colour play makes me very happy! I indulge this passion for colour and design by making quilts...lots of them. Recently I've taken up painting and am hoping that the two skills will compliment each other. My subject matter is varied as I'm trying out lots of techniques and styles hoping that one will "speak to me". The adventure has been really fun and I'm delighted to be taking it in the company of such a supportive group of artists.

Member since 2012

Lawson Park Barn

11 x 14,   Oil on board


9 x 12,  Acrylic on canvas


24 x 24,  Acrylic

Wild Maine Rose

24 x 24,  Acrylic

My Table

24 x 36,  Acrylic

Blue and White

12 x 12,  Acrylic

Maine Day

9 x 12,  Acrylic

Swept Away

20 x 24,  Acrylic

 Surf's Up

10 x 10,  Acrylic

Monks on Mandalay Bridge

6 x 12,  Acrylic

Play Me

16 x 20,  Acrylic

Life Cycles           

9 x 12,  Mixed Media on board


20 x 16



10 x 10 


Daniel H.

9x7, Acrylic

Tubes 10 x 8, Acrylic

Candy Glass

10x8, Acrylic


6 x 6,  Acrylic