Brenda Wilson

 A little about Brenda Wilson:

Art is the attention we pay to the world. Everything is a possible subject.

I have been painting for 17 years and have discovered that art is an endless journey.

What could be more engaging and fun?

Member since 2013

Harrison Lake




20 x 24,  Oil on canvas 

Canada's Provincial Flowers

24 x 20,  Acrylic on Canvas

Max Ernst

16 x 20,  Acrylic on canvas

At Watersedge  

Acrylic on canvas   12x16

The Girls

 18 x 24,  Acrylic on canvas

Old Crow (Raven)  

9x12,  Acrylic on canvas 

The Ladyboys

20 x 16,   Mixed media on canvas

Lucian Freud

16 x 20,   Oil on Canvas


 16 x 20,  Oil on canvas


16 x 16,  oil on canvas  


 16 x 20,  Oil on canvas


 30 x 30,  Acrylic on Linen

  Tibetan Bowls

 Oil on canvas

 16 x 20


 16 x 20,  Oil on canvas

Little Brown Jugs

11x14     Acrylic

Ryder         Private Collection

24 x 30,  Acrylic on Canvas


16 x 20,   Acrylic on canvas