Artist's Galleries

Tracy Kodama and Susan Dunn were the original founders and driving force behind the Waterside Art Group. They secured our beautiful studio space at Oakville Galleries, and planned the early workshops to expand our creative horizons with professional painters. They did it all!

We are grateful to these women for making our world just a bit more beautiful!

Since those early days, we have established committees to manage these many activities. Everyone helps!

Priti Girgla, Barb Clausi and Lorraine Oswald have been the leadership and energy behind our yearly art shows.

Debbie Alsip, Bonnie DeBellis and Carla McGillivary have spearheaded workshops.

Kimberly Schols and Anne Cote have taken on the role of treasurer.

Debbie Alsip manages this website.

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Paintings that are unavailable are marked as 'SOLD' or 'Private Collection'. All others are available for your inquiry. Please send a note to