Oakville Galleries Rules for Facility Use


  • We can ONLY access the facility during our rental hours.
  • OG has asked us to limit the number of people with the access code for insurance purposes, therefore we have selected those who come on Thursday consistently, and those responsible for art shows and workshops. If you arrive and the studio is locked, contact any one of the following (Debbie, Priti, Barb, Laura, Cheryl, Brenda, Lorraine, Anne C)

Inside the studio

  • This facility is nut-free (children with allergies use it) therefore no nuts in your lunch, and no walnut oil or linseed thinners
  • Do not use volatile solvents if you are using oil paints, clean your brushes at home, remove all oily rags. This is because of odour sensitivities, AND because spontaneous combustibility. (see Membership Guidelines for alternative solution)
  • Return chairs and tables to the furnace room
  • If you are the last one in the studio, turn out the lights and lock the door, return the key to the lock box
  • Remove all garbage at the end of day


  • We can squeeze 4 vehicles in the Studio parking spots
  • If Sheryl Pearson is coming to studio, please leave the handicapped space free for her
  • The remainder of our vehicles are to be parked in the main parking lot at Lakeshore Road.
  • ALL Parking spots by the main building are already assigned to other main building renters, Board Members, staff and school programs. Their booking schedule is full of confirmed school programs and cannot accommodate any of us in the parking nearest the lake.