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Rachel Williams

A little about rachel

Rachel reconnected with her creative passion when she arrived in Canada in 2011 and took classes at Oakville Art Society for many years, developing a love for painting abstract work.  Abstracted landscapes and places, feelings of energy and light make their way into her work. 

Manifesto 2024

"Art can become a place for respite or bring an energy that sparks conversation and intrigue within us - it also has an infinite life which can be quite magical.  It has the ability to transport us to another place when we slow down and allow our minds to wander.   It can physically root us in the present while transforming our surroundings and be like a homecoming for our soul. The art we encounter throughout our lives can have permanence within us - it can evoke memories of a specific place, of a time or of an emotion...it has an unseen way to stay with us, which is a real gift."

Personal Media:

Website:  https://www.rwilliamsart.com/ 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rachel.williams.art/ 

To purchase or inquire about commissions, please visit Rachel's personal media.