Gina Morewood

A little about Gina:

I have no early formal training in art. When I retired from a forty year career in medicine, I began to attend classes in Oakville, Burlington, Toronto, Elora and Mississauga. The actual discovery and inspiration to paint, began on a month long backpacking hike through Spain on the Camino De Santiago in 2008. Hiking allows one unlimited time in nature to become aware of the physical world. Recurring themes in my work are Life as a journey, and love of nature. My favourite form of painting is "en Plein Air". In spirit, I belong to the "Practice makes Better" school of painting and I have found a home with the Waterside Art Group that paints weekly in Gairloch Gardens.

Member since 2014

For commissions/purchases, please send email to:

Three Sisters

 23 X 27 Acrylic 

$500.00 framed

 This piece was awarded a Second Place, 

2020 Orchard Society of the Royal Botanical Gardens Art Exhibit

Pussywillows and Clouds

24x36 Acrylic on canvas

My Life as a Bowl

24x24 Oil on canvas

Dogtooth Violets

24x36 Acrylic on canvas

 Paradise Meadow

9 x 12,  Oil on board

Spring Thaw

20 x 24,   Oil on Canvas

Summer Days 1    SOLD

9 x 12, Oil & acrylic on canvas 

Rough Water               SOLD

9 x 12,  Oil on board


24 x 18,  Acrylic on canvas

Incinerator Rock, Tofino       SOLD

20 x 24, Acrylic on canvas

 River Walk, Elora          SOLD

 16 x 16,  Acrylic (w palette knife)

Island Reflection                    SOLD

 16 x 20,  Acrylic (w palette knife)

Mountain Delight         SOLD

20 x 24,  Acrylic on canvas

Cedar Roots and Rocks

24 x 24, Acrylic on canvas

Molly & Ned               SOLD

 12 x 12,  Acrylic on canvas

Storm Over Bronte Harbour      SOLD

 16 x 24,  Acrylic on canvas

Fall Garden

 20  x 16,  Oil on canvas

Spring Crowd

12 x 12,   Oil on Canvas

First Trillium

16 x 16,  Acrylic on Canvas

Swan Reflections

 16 x 20,  Oil on canvas

Blue Jay                SOLD

12 x 10,  Acrylic on wood board

Downy              SOLD

12 x 10,  Acrylic on wood board

Camino Primativo

24 x 30,  Acrylic on canvas

 Boots on the Bruce

19.5 x 15.5,  Acrylic on canvas

Golden Bowl

8 x 8,  Oil on Canvas

Winter Walk 

Oil 16X12

The Sentinal 

Oil 12x24

Ice Falls


Ice Sculptures - Lake Ontario

Acrylic, 30x24

Amber Alert: Northern Lights

Acrylic, 18x24

Amber Alert !: Ice Berg

Acrylic, 18x24

Amber Alert 2: Glacier

Acrylic, 24x18


Oil, 36x40

Hidden Lake

Oil, framed, 16x20

Morning Nootka Sound

Oil, Framed, 36x24

A Wake

Oil, Framed, 12x12

Vincent's Irises       SOLD

Oil, 12x16

Reflections-Paradise Meadows

Acrylic, 10x12

On the Logs

Oil, 16x20

Fall Tryptic      SOLD

Each panel is 18 x 24  

Acrylic on canvas     

Fresh Snow and Sunshine

 Acrylic on canvas 16 X 12 

Old Man Winter 

Acrylic on canvas 18 X  24