Shaheen Pirani

A little about Shaheen:

Shaheen has been drawing and painting for 15 years. Shaheen paints impressionist inspired landscapes in oil and large abstracts in acrylic. She is also an experienced watercolourist. She is particularly attracted to lovely Canadian landscapes, woodland scenes and beautiful red barns.

Shaheen grew up in Winnipeg and qualified as a Dietician from the University of Manitoba. After graduation she spent 20 years in Saudi Arabia with her husband and three sons. In Riadh, Shaheen marketed a line of her Arabic original pencil drawings called “Glances of Arabia” and worked in watercolour. She exhibited her work in a number of exhibitions in Saudi Arabia. She returned to Canada 12 years ago. Since then she has been working in oil and acrylic and has participated in a number of juried art shows.

If you wish to see more of Shaheen’s work please contact her at

Mellow Yellow

12 x 12, oil

The Tree

12 x 12, oil

The Red Barn

24 x 24, oil

A Quiet Place

30 x 40, Oil

Enchanted Waterfall

30 x 40, Oil

Powder Snow

60 x 40, Acrylic

Puglia Italy 1

24 x 36, Oil

Puglia Italy 2

24 x 36, Oil

Tea Time


30x40 Oil