Pam Schwartz

pam schwartz

A little about Pam:

I was born in Calgary, AB and have lived in BC and then in Oakville for thirty years.

I taught kindergarten and grade one for twenty-eight years.  I took up painting 20 years ago.

I love to paint flowers, landscapes, animals and abstracts on large canvases using acrylics.

Member since 2012

red flower

14 x 18 Acrylic

Summer Flowers 

Acrylic 10x10

Six sunflowers

18 x 18,  Acrylic on canvas

dressed in pink

30 x 30, Acrylic on canvas

White Irises

16 x 12,  Acrylic on Canvas

single blossom

Acrylic on canvas

The Lone Tree

40 x 30,  Acrylic on Canvas

Storm Watch

 30 x 30,  Acrylic on Canvas

Bird in a Sumac Tree 

8 x 8,  Acrylic

Blue Water

12 x 12,  Acrylic

You Don't say

 8 x 8,   Acrylic

chickadee on a reed

Acrylic on canvas

Bluebird and dots

8 x 8,  Acrylic

Berries and Birds

8 x 8,  Acrylic

In the Lead

12 x 24,  Acrylic on Canvas

View from the lake

16x12   Acrylic

Country Road 

Acrylic 16x12 


20 x 16 ,  Acrylic 

Heading to the Meadow

8x 8,  Acrylic


12 x 12,  Acrylic