Anne Cote

A little about Anne:

Since childhood, I have been drawing and painting. Through different phases, I have concentrated on drawing with pencil, pen and ink drawings, watercolours, painting with acrylic, oil, and compositions in pencil crayon. Most early work was done in a realistic style with a variety of subject matter. My current passion is landscapes executed in oils with a palette knife. With these bigger and bolder works, the focus is on the combination of colours and the contrast in light.

Beached Boat

18 x 24 Oil

Muskoka Chairs     SOLD

24 x 36, Oil

Muskoka Chairs 2

24x36   Oil 

Fall #1

24 x 36

The Crop

12 x 12 Oil

Fall #2

12 x 12


12 x 12 Oil

Birches by the Lake

12 x 12 Oil

The Beach

12 x 12 Oil


10x12  Oil 


18x24    Oil on canvas


24x24   Oil on canvas


11x12  Oil 

Cottage in the Woods 36x24 oil