Carolyn Taylor

A little about Carolyn:

Painting and the restless beauty of nature are Carolyn Taylor’s focus and spiritual compass, as brought to life in Carolyn’s contemporary realistic sea and sky pieces. Carolyn is naturally drawn to the ocean and sky vistas, as well as to the beauty of settings such as those found in the Niagara Escarpment.

Born and raised in Canada’s Maritimes and having always been minutes from the seacoast, it is easy to appreciate the origins and influence of the ocean in her work. In Nova Scotia, Carolyn began painting seriously at the age of 15 and went on to study fine art at Acadia University. Painting temporarily took a back seat to design and fabric became the preferred medium as Carolyn continued her education in the fashion program at Ryerson University in Toronto.

Her work may be found in private residences in Florida and across Canada and occasionally, appears in group exhibitions in public spaces.

Group Exhibitions:

2019 Waterside Art Group, Kaleidoscope, Oakville, ON

Artworks, Oakville Town Hall - August 2016

Brushstrokes, Waterside Art Group - May, 2016

OverZealous, Victoria Park E. Golf Club Kloepfer Gallery

The Gift of Art, Waterside Art Group - 2015

The Inspired Canvas, Waterside Art Group - 2015

Beginnings, Waterside Art Group - 2014


Gilded Sorbet

24 x 24, Oil and Gold Leaf


24 x 24, Oil and Gold Leaf

The Golden Hour

24 x 30, Oil

Fragile Lines Private Collection

36 x 48, Oil


24 x 36, Oil on Canvas


9 x 12, Mixed Media

PEI Rush Hour SOLD

20 x 40, Oil

Misted Din Private Collection

48 x 52, Oil on Canvas

Blue Rollers SOLD

24 x 36, Oil on canvas

Mulmur Mauve

12 x 16, Oil on Canvas

When we were Young

24 x 20. Oil on Canvas

Ranunculus SOLD

30 x 30, Oil on Canvas

Ball Sold

18 x 24, Oil on Canvas

Valley (Annapolis) Girl SOLD

20 x 20, Oil on Canvas

Taking Flight

16 x 16, Oil on Canvas

Gidget Private Collection

48 x 52, Oil on Canvas

Anne Shirley SOLD

48 x 52, Oil on Canvas

She said Yes

24x24 Oil

Pink Dawn

20x20 Oil

Greenwich Time

12x12 Oil